Cardboard packet, assortment of 76 pencils + 1 grafwood pencil + 1 charcoal

A response to the greatest needs of every artist: ranges to suit the technical and colour requirements of both amateur and professional pastel artists. On grainy media, application reveals the strength of the pigments and beauty of the material. This assortment of 76 colours provides pastel artists with a large range of colours enabling them to create life-like models, animals, landscapes, flowers, still- life compositions etc. It is the ideal assortment for using all the creative possibilities of dry pastels.

Applications : High pigment concentration for generous blurring. Ideal superimposed for blurred effects, transparency and subtle colour blends.

Technical description: - Type: Dry pastel pencils, rounded hexagonal casing to minimise risk of dropping - Lead: Large lead. Diameter: 4.7 mm. Resistant tip. Rich texture adheres to the medium, smooth to apply and generous blurring. Exceptional light resistance (Standard Blue Wool Scale - between * and *) - Pencil: rounded hexagonal, 8 ply, matt casing matches the colour of the lead, colour number indicated - Premium FSC certified cedar wood - Best sharpened with a cutter - ASTM D4236 compliant

215.00 €